1. We Talk

First, I interview you in person or by phone or Skype. This is a meaty, unscripted, and confidential conversation where I learn all about you. The whole time, I am listening for the themes that set you apart. By the end, I identify some directions we might pursue for your narrative and we reach agreement on what makes sense.  

2. I Capture

I go to work and think through everything I’ve learned about you: goals, strengths, quirks, and challenges. This can take a couple of days, as concepts need to marinate.  From here, I sketch out a very detailed possible outline, paragraph by paragraph, that builds a picture of you on the facts you have provided and often includes your very own words pulled from our conversation. These blueprints help you see yourself and save you a world of time and trouble. 

3. We Draft

You write a first draft, which should flow fairly easily, and send it by email.  I critique it – from the major to the minor – and you revise it.  Sometimes we get on the phone to go over things. Line by line, word by word, we refine it to meet your needs, and I stay with you for as many iterations as it takes. Clients report that the process is invigorating -- a sorting out of values, ideas, and goals. Along the way, you will learn a lot about how to write an authentic and interesting self-profile, skills that will serve you throughout your career. 

4. We Review

We review the work until it's ready to go. If additional essays are required or desired, and though priced separately, we repeat the process only by now, I know you, so it goes even faster.

5. You Submit

It’s up to you to submit your work on time, and what a relief to be done.



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