A Little Dose of Presumption

In the mix of skills needed to write, a little dose of why not? of course, I can do this is a valuable addition.

Once in a while, you’ll have to speak about your work. Maybe you’ll have to defend it, or sell it. And as the first, reasoned and unequivocal champion of your own undertaking, it helps to be able to speak kindly of it, if not winsomely.

But more than this, you have to sit down every day and do it, and this alone can take some presuming—that it’s worth it, that you have something to say, and that it is within your means and abilities to do so.

Too much presumption is not a good idea and endears you to no one.

But a little bit? A spoonful of absolutely, hold my messages, I am working now is essential. It lightens the step and puts a brighter spin on the day, but even better, it keeps work flowing.