Baby Chicks

Who says that techies can’t write a sentence that would make the crowd sit up and take notice?

My son, an aficionado of digital wonders, saved his dollars and ordered something called a Cupcake CNC. It’s a desktop printer—your own little factory—that produces not your usual flat piece of paper but a three dimensional object. When the trio of inventors, aged 37 and under, demonstrated it at a tradeshow, they printed out shot glasses for the admiring crowd.

Naturally, my son is anxious for his machine, which should have arrived by now, so he inquired. An answering e-mail took a mere second to arrive.

We expected to have your machine shipped out last week, but our electronics are moving more slowly than anticipated. We have the boxes all waiting like baby chicks with their mouths open waiting for food. As soon as the electronics get in . . . the boxes will get sealed and sent off to you.

Like baby chicks with their mouths open . . .?

I had to ask: Who answers the e-mail?

“That was me!” writes Bre Pettis, one of the founders of MakerBot Industries. “I’m a poet when it comes to robotics and shipping! :)”

Robots and poetry?

Anyone who can produce a machine like this in his tinkering moments and be able to defuse in a single, well-chosen image any customer restlessness at a delay in shipment is someone to notice.

Count me in if this tiny, year-old company operating out of a Brooklyn warehouse goes public. I’m guessing it’s a winner.