Too Much Chocolate in your Garage?

I had lunch with a friend the other day who got to talking about his grandfather’s creative business prowess. It seemed that this clever grandfather had a Brooklyn warehouse full of chocolate just as the Depression hit, and it wasn’t selling.

This required some alternative thinking. What did his customers want in these dire times that he and his chocolate might provide?

They wanted solace. They wanted to believe that better times were ahead. They wanted to have some fun. And if it was cheap enough, they might spend for it.

So, what did he do? He reshaped his candy box to meet this yearning. He made it heart-shaped, the first to do so, or so goes the family lore, and sold a warehouse-full of chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Something not working under your roof? Redefine it. Break it up, take it apart, reshape it, and you create movement where there was none a minute ago. Risk all and lose nothing for your think-time, and all of a sudden, you just might have a new way to go.

Thanks to Alan Newman, Conductor of Cosmic Symphonies, Magic Hat Brewing, who told me this story.